Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many users can be on one license of Cherry Live Light?

  • Currently we allow 3 users per license. If you’ve got a bunch of computers or a studio complex, feel free to contact us before purchasing and we can potentially set up a bulk rate for you.

Will you ever support non-Hue systems?

  • At this time, we only support the Phillips Hue Smart Hub (or Bridge). However, any device that can be controlled via a Phillips Hue Smart Hub should be supported, including third-party smart plugs that are advertised to work with Phillips Hue. we are always keeping an eye on ways to expand! Feel free to contact us with a request. We will happily contact you if the bulbs you use become supported!

Can Cherry have different behaviors for Audio and MIDI recording?

  • Unfortunately, Cherry can’t tell the difference between these, because DAW’s don’t advertise the difference to connected control surfaces. If you want more fine-tuned control over Cherry’s behavior, you can remove Cherry as a control surface, and instead send MIDI commands directly to the app using some other system (see the setup page).

Can Cherry have different behaviors for playback, recording, and standby?

  • Yes! You must have version 2.0 or newer (see the setup page for a download link). Use the tabs at the top of the lights list to set recording, playback, and standby colors.

If I purchase once, will I get access to future versions?

  • Your license will continue to work for new releases that have bugfixes or small features. Major new versions that have many new features may require you to upgrade in the future.

Is there a complete list of supported devices?

I have a vintage “Recording” light, “On Air” light, or “Live” light, can I use it with Cherry?

  • Absolutely! You have two options:
    • Install a supported Phillips Hue Light (along with a Hub) in your lamp, and your vintage light will be brought into the future! Consider trying the Hue Edison Bulb to keep that vintage look.
    • Keep your light always switched on, but use a supported smart plug to plug your light into the wall and control power to it. We like the Phillips Hue Smart Plug.This will allow you to keep your light exactly as-is and still use it with Cherry!

Cherry is sending MIDI C-2 “Note On” events continuously, what do I do?

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