First, make sure you have the latest version of the app (available for download on the Setup Page)

If Cherry crashes when you click the Test button, start a recording, or add a light:

– If you are using a third-party bulb (not Phillips Hue brand), try downgrading to Version 1.6. We are currently working on a fix for these third-party bulbs, and the issue should be fixed in version 1.8. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are stuck at “Connecting…” at the top of the Cherry window, try the following steps to try to fix the connection problem:

– Check that your lights are still controllable via the Hue app

– Make sure that your Hue Bridge and bulb(s) are up to date using the Hue app

– Restart your Hue Bridge (unplug and replug power), then restart Cherry

– Restart any smart home devices (Google Home, Alexa, HomePod, etc.) that are in your house. These sometimes confuse Cherry. Afterwards, restart Cherry.

– Is your network setup non-standard? The Hue Bridge and your computer must be on the same wireless network for Cherry to work properly. Other configurations, such as static IP addresses, multiple subnets, etc. may confuse Cherry and make it unable to connect.

If the app crashes while attempting to purchase a license

– Download the latest version of the app

If your issue is still not resolved, or if your issue is not listed here please send us an email at In your Documents directory in Finder, look for a file called “swift_log.txt”. Please attach this file to your email (or let us know if it is missing). It contains debug information from Cherry that may help us find the source of the issue.