• Control any number lights and plugs connected to your Hue Bridge
  • Control color (hue), saturation, and value of your lights. Or turn them on and off completely.
  • Easily toggle live light mode on and off with a Mac tray menu
  • Compatible with Hue Lights, RGB Hue Lights, and even Hue Light Strips (view full compatibility list) – there are some fantastic creative ways to use light strips, like under a door or behind acoustic treatment.
  • Can be set to auto-start when you log in and minimize to tray – set it and forget it!
  • Set up to sync with your DAW in 5 minutes (view instructions) – instantly get more value out of your lighting system and studio time.

If you have a “Live” or “Recording” fixture already, just install a Hue Light or Strip and you’ll never have to worry about the fact that you always forget to turn it on and/or off!